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Optimum Hair Tips for Perfect Hair Growths


Hair Tip: Optimum Hair Tips for Perfect Hair Care Everyone is nervous about hair problems. To remain beautiful, one should also have beautiful hair. Nowadays the biggest problem is hair loss. In the process of showing off, the youth of today are losing their hair due to the color of hair. More and more chemical substances are used in the market in the name of Hair Care Products . some hair Care products fact, the chemical used in photo printing is also being used. By using such harmful products, the root of hair starts to weaken.

People look to make hair colorful, fashionable and stylish in the appearance of beautiful appearance, due to which the hair roots become weak, dry and two-faced. Due to the weakening of hair roots, hair starts falling prematurely. You should be careful if your hair is dry and when combing, it breaks when wiping with a towel after bathing. Hair Tip: Optimum Hair Tips for Perfect Hair Care , you will be told the tips for strengthening the hair, using which your hair will become stronger as well as hair loss will stop.

Main causes of hair loss

  • Due to the problem of constipation, gas, etc. due to Improper Digestion, proper nutrition does not reach the hair, due to which the chances of hair loss increases.
  • Due to dusty hair, the hair becomes dirty and dry due to which the roots of the hair become weak. So take care of the hair during the journey.
  • More chemical shampoo, too much dryer in the hair also damages the roots of the hair, so hard chemical shampoo, avoid dye.
  • Like other parts of the body, hair also needs vitamins, minerals and protein. Hair fall also occurs due to not taking proper diet  .
  • Hair loss may also be faced due to genetic reasons. Due to a particular gene or chromosome, hair loss is found gradually in people of the same family.
  • Due to frequent combing, hair keeps falling out. Do not comb more than 2-3 times a day.
  • The main cause of hair loss in women is stress or mental problems.

Long Hair Tips

Long hair loss is common. If 20 to 30 hairs fall every day, then it is a normal process. You do not need to worry, if the number of hair breaks is very high then you will need long hair care.

  • Do not shampoo hair daily. Use good company shampoo. It is possible to wash the hair with domestic conditioners like egg, curd etc.
  • Use a comb with thick teeth and do not comb more than 2 times a day.
  • After bathing, dry the hair lightly with a towel rather than rub it dry.
  • Save hair with chlorine or salt water, water containing chlorine or salt makes hair dry.
  • Never comb a wet hair, it stresses the hair roots and hair follicles are also weak.

Hair Growth Tips

The growth rate of hair is generally half to one and a half-inch in a month. So remove this illusion from your mind that hair will grow faster with a particular medicine or oil. With regular care and proper diet, hair can grow a little more than the normal state, but the difference will be only in a few millimeters. Do not comb on wet hair for hair growth because it damages the hair root. Therefore, any such medicine or oil which claims that their use will increase the speed of hair growth, should be kept away. Use any one of coconut oil, amla, almond, olive oil, mustard oil, etc. These are completely natural and also give strength to the hair.

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So guys these are the easier measures you can use to take good care of your hair, if you any other better suggestion please do add it below.

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