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Best and Effective Weight loss tips for Females

Best and Effective Weight loss tips for Females: Weight Are you also tired of trying new ways to lose weight? It is not your fault but the signals that your brain receives. It is often seen that men lose weight faster and easier than women, while women have to work hard to lose weight and still do not get the desired results.

Best and Effective Weight loss tips for Females

Muscle and metabolic rate: Weight loss tips

Men’s body has more muscles than women, due to which their body requires more energy. That’s why their body spends more calories. Also their metabolism is faster than that of women. That is why men are able to remain fit and fit by doing only daily tasks without much effort.

Women also suffer from depression soon, in such a situation, they start eating anything out of tune because it relieves them of stress for a while, but it is also a big reason for them to gain weight.

Less sleep: 

Women have to take full responsibility of the house as well as outside, such as getting up early in the morning, having breakfast and dinner for everyone and then going to sleep late at night. This increases the secretion of hormones called cartisol. This hormone, thyroid, PCOD and Causes diseases like diabetes. And this leads to weight gain.

Lack of awareness: 

Generally, women feel that their lack of physical exercise is done only by doing household chores, whereas this is not the case as well, even during periods she does not do any kind of exercise while regular exercise is very important for fitness.

Untimely Catering:

From childhood, it is taught in the homes that food should not be disrespected, in this round, all the stale food of the household has to be disposed of by the women of the house, their eating time is not fixed too many times, due to which their weight gradually increases. is. The food eaten untimely cannot be converted into energy and genetic fat is formed and gathered around the stomach and waist.

Before monopause, the weight of women also increases rapidly. In this stage, the level of estrogen in the body is reduced significantly, which greatly reduces the metabolic rate of weight loss, due to which the body of women does not convert sugar and starch into energy. Converts to fat. Generally women do not pay attention to it and later it becomes very difficult to reduce that increased weight, but if some changes are made in your routine, then you too can control your increased weight.

Make sure to eat time:

Often, women do not have any time for breakfast nor for dinner, while our body needs energy as soon as it wakes up in the morning. And in whole dim, there is a need to eat at least six times, so fix your meal time and eat accordingly, eat small amounts of food six times a day.

Make distance from junk food: 

Instead of cookies, pastries and similar junk food and canned snacks, include fruits dry fruits and salads in your diet. Include vegetable party or upma in the diet. It is not only tasty and nutritious but also keeps the stomach full for a long time. Eat everything but keep in mind the quantity.

Desi Ghee is beneficial: 

In the process of losing weight, women first separate desi ghee from their plate, but do you know that native ghee has high amount of good fat which provides essential nutrients to our body as well as weight gain Also keeps it under control. Be sure to include ghee in your regular diet. Ghee helps in reducing cholesterol and also maintains the smoothness required for joints.

Drink plenty of water:

Often, after a full meal, we start feeling hungry again, at that time we need water, anyway, we should definitely drink at least 10-12 glasses of water in a day, it keeps the necessary moisture in the body and face. Also remains tantric. Coconut water, lemon water, and fresh fruit juice also cater to the lack of water in the body. Kheer, watermelon, cantaloupe, tomato also have a lot of water. Which not only serves as a low calorie diet. Rather, it also maintains the water level of the body.

Stay healthy:

Everyday household chores cannot maintain your fitness. What do you do all day after dealing with morning chores? Do you know that walking at least 10 minutes after sitting every hour is very important, so regular speech But go or join a dance class, yoga class. Now there are many android apps that can help you with this work. Download any Fitness tracker app and start monitoring your physical activity.

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